Country Clubbin’

So my Bucket List [mis]adventures continued last night…

I’d been craving this Warm Spinach Salad (it might sound crazy to crave a salad, but this thing is just awesome..) from a country club a couple of town’s away from my mom’s, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go grab some great food and drink on the patio by the golf course.

Yesterday was pretty much the perfect day. It was cool in the morning – a reminder that fall’s just around the corner – and warm but not hot in the afternoon. Even bigger plus…no humidity and no bugs! Weeee.

We got there, and I was so pumped to get my salad…buuuut it wasn’t on the menu. Bucket list bummer.

The more I thought about it the more I realized it was probably on their fall/winter menu.  I mean…it is baby spinach  a warm bacon and mustard vinaigrette, hard-boiled egg, sliced mushrooms and bacon bits. Hey! I never said it was a “light” salad!

While I was bummed not to see the salad on the menu, I decided on their mahi-mahi – which was beautiful. The fish could’ve used a bit more seasoning but everything else on the plate was great – especially the sweet potatoes.

Also, I totally ordered (and subsequently spilled a bit…did I mention that I can be klutzy?) an embarrassingly bright green cocktail. 

Very Ecto Cooler of them… it was really good though.

So while the outing didn’t go exactly as planned, it was great to sit outside on the patio, enjoy a drink and soak up the final days of summer.

  • What’re some of your fave places for outdoor dining?
  • What’ve you got planned to take advantage of summer as it winds down? 

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