Two months later…

Hi everyone! – or should I say – anyone ..who is still hanging on out there or has me plugged into their readers still!

I can’t believe it’s been two months since my last post…well, I can. A lot has been happening on my end! Since we last spoke, I moved…left my job…aaand then started a new job. Okay – so that doesn’t look like a lot on paper, but I’ve been busy and this lil’ blog has been neglected.

While BCLK hasn’t seen much action recently, the blogosphere hasn’t been far from my mind, and I’ve actually started (and by started, I mean I have gone once) meeting up with Boston-based bloggers through the Healthy Living Boston Bloggers group.  If you’re in the Boston-area (or even beyond) you should check it out. I’ve met some awesome people!

Food isn’t ever far from my mind either…as evidenced by my instagram. I still cook and bake – I still take pictures of everything – it just doesn’t always end up… here. Need to work on that one.

While I wouldn’t necessarily categorize this as a “Healthy Living Blog” (I mean…the photos above are of tacos, cupcakes, booze and fried oysters… )– I try.  I aspire.   I think about what I put in my body and try to make good decisions, and honestly… sometimes the best decision is a cupcake…or a margarita.  I’m a firm believer in “Everything in moderation… including moderation.”  No shame.

On that note – I am participating in a Healthy Holidays Challenge – hosted by the lovely Becki over at Fighting for Wellness, who I was fortunate enough to get dinner with last week – along with Rachael at Ready to Get Sweaty and Erin from Creative Soul in Motion,

I’m not looking to deprive myself of the occasional indulgence in Halloween candy (we have enough to last forever, and I have a sneaking suspicion that we won’t have any kiddos knocking on our door tonight…), nights out with friends, Thanksgiving dinner and holiday baking and parties…but I am looking to be more mindful about it all.

I’m excited – it involves different challenges including weight loss, inches lost, building muscle and adopting healthy habits. It has a little bit of everything, and acknowledges that wellness isn’t necessarily just a number on a scale or your waist-size.  I’m most into the healthy habits challenge. I’m motivated to get out there and try new things.  Plus, I’d rather do stuff with people than by myself.

Sooo stay tuned for that – we’ll see how and what I do! I promise, I’ll be back!

Ever done a fitness or health-related challenge with a group before – whether it’s with bloggers or at your gym? Did you like it? or are you more likely to go solo?

Oh…and Happy Halloween!

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