Living Out of Boxes

Ahh, so life is incredibly hectic right now. …in a good way, though!

I mean – my commute last night wassss 2.5 hours long due to accidents (though, I always try and remind myself to be thankful that I’m the person stuck in traffic and not the person in the accident), but I had an amaaazing dinner waiting for me at home.

Lobster. …on a Wednesday?? on any day?? Needless to say this perked me up. Oh, and those are homemade, oven-dried tomatoes. Make them. Seriously.

Onward! I’ve got a jam-packed week,  picking up, moving and transporting a couch (though, it’s a free couch, so I cannot complaiiin!), tons of packing to do and then making the BIG move in just nine days.


I’m definitely excited about moving…just not excited about the actual process of moving. I don’t know how some people do it! I know some people who are never in one place more than a year…the idea of packing up everything I own and moving it a relatively short distance from where it’s currently [haphazardly] stored…is unbelievably daunting.

That being said, I have made progress…

Currently, the dining room is acting as my personal storage locker. My stuff is starting to take over…

Note…no boxes are sealed, undoubtedly I’ll scrounge through at least one of them in the next week or so…
Living out of boxes. Practical.

Note: Kitchen appliances definitely took priority in packing.

  • When was the last time you moved?
  • Did you have [professional and/or bribed with beer and pizza] help or did you UHaul it, like we’re doing?
  • Any genius packing/moving tips? 

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