My quirky, lil’ kitchen

You know – I’ve been in my new place now for a bit…it’s about time for a tour. Well, at least a tour of the kitchen… don’t worry it won’t take long.

It’s little.

Note – the kitchen is actually square – panorama skews the right side of the room quiiiite a bit

I mean it’s not a closet-sized (although, I guess this depends on who you are – if you have a Carrie Bradshaw-sized closet …you win)– and it’s definitely larger than the kitchen in my old studio – but it definitely has its quirks, and we are learning to make adjustments.

Quirk #1: With no vent hood, you need to have the windows open and a fan running in order to not have the four smoke alarms in the hallway go off. It’s a lot of smoke alarms … I’m gonna say we have 10 in our three bed/six room/one floor apartment….but I guess we’re safe..

((Side note: My roommates and I discovered just how sensitive the alarms were one night when all of a sudden all four of the hallway alarms started going off, and then they started talking to us and telling us to evacuate! Needless to say we were all running around like crazy women, whipping towels through the air and trying to get them to shut up!))

Quirk #2: It doesn’t matter how cold it is out – the “heat detector” will go off if you have the oven preheated to 375 or above and none of the above precautions are taken. Also, I’d never seen a “heat detector” …nope, not a fire alarm… before.

Quirk #3: Our top cabinets are definitely original to the house, and have sooo many layers of paint on them that they can’t close on their own. The pulls are also latches – our dishes are very secure. Haha

I’m definitely not hating on my kitchen. It’s actually pretty awesome, it’s decently updated and in good condition. The stove is fantastic – it’s gas yayy!, the oven heats super evenly, and we have enough space to go around.

Needless to say, when I’m not trying to stomp out non-existent flames – I really enjoy cooking in here. It may not be gourmet…but for now, it’s mine. 🙂

What’re some quirks of your kitchens?

3 thoughts on “My quirky, lil’ kitchen

  1. Your kitchen is a little bigger than mine, but, I’m not much of a cook so it doesn’t bother me too much! During my senior year of college, our fire alarms were soooo sensitive. Just baking a batch of brownies might set off the alarm!


    1. Ahh, yes I totally get that. I was baking some cookies last Monday, and they weren’t even in the oven for 10 minutes and the heat sensor kept going off. Even with the wind and rain we got from Sandy, the windows had to be open!


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