Go for it! – Wellness by the Water

Happy 2013, bloggies!!

It’s a chilly one out there today – when I woke up and looked at my phone…four degrees. FOUR. Not okay. I mean…I know it’s January…and it’s New England…but c’mon!!

How it felt to get out of bed…


So, I’m not big on the whole “New Year’s Resolutions” thing…why? I’m terrible at keeping them. Terrible.

Sooo, I’m not making any hard-and-fast resolutions for the year. Keeping expectations low…that’s where I’m at [kidding …haha].

Regardless, I know that I’m always striving to go outside my comfort zone…I’ve never been the greatest at “putting myself out there”…I’m pretty shy until I’ve been around a person a few times…I am not the greatest at pulling conversation out of thin air – especially if I’m remotely nervous…and quite honestly, yeah, a little scared of failing/getting hurt/etc….. ….IIIII digress.

While it’s not a “resolution” per-say – it’s something I know I try and actively work toward every day: Go out on a limb more often.

So…come January 13 – I’m doing just that. Putting myself out there and trying something brand new: Wellness by the Water Retreat – Winter 2013

Created by Kendall Covitz and Celeste Platt, it’s full-day retreat (from 9am-4pm) filled with fitness classes, spa services, lunch, a nutrition lecture, and other goodies! I’ve never participated in any form of fitness bootcamp. Never taken a yoga class. Never taken a nutrition class (though I’ve always wanted to). – so I’m excited/anxious to try something new and out of my immediate comfort zone.

They did one this summer, as well, and it looked amazing (Photos from Wellness by the Water’s Facebook page; photo credits: Nicole O’Neil Photography)




Not only am I trying new things, but this is the first time I’m attending an event (that’s not a blogging conference) as a blogger. Excited to tell you guys all about my experience!!

They have some fantastic sponsors – like Sue B. Do, Bodywaves Therapeutic Massage, e.t.c. Juicery, Sound Shapes, mariwear, Face Facts Healing Spa, Jacqueline Lapuck Jewelry,  Perfect Fuel Chocolate (umm, yum), Energybits, Dear Kate, and Happy Family. I’m excited to learn more about them all, and I love that they feature some great local, Boston businesses

The retreat is at the Lenox Hotel in Boston’s amazing Back Bay (I’m biased…used to live there and I love it) – if you’re in the area and want to make the most of a potentially lazy Sunday, register!!! Registration closes Monday, so go for it!! 🙂

 I mean, what better way to kick off the new year??



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