Set it and forget it: Maple dijon chicken

I don’t know about you — but my slow cooker is way up there on my “most-used kitchen appliances” list…. it’s probably second… only my coffee maker(s)… yes, plural… Sure, I love my food processor or my mixer…. but let’s be real, they tend to collect a little dust.

I love it. So much. I mean, what’s not to love about a device that will take seemingly ordinary ingredients, cook them for an inordinate amount of time, allow you to do something other than stand in your kitchen all day….and somehow, turn them all into something amazing.

via the chatty yogini


This past week, I made a Skinnytaste’s recipe for Crock Pot Maple Dijon Chicken Drumsticks for the first time….. aaaaand….. I’m obsessed. I will probably be making it again ASAP.

The first step was removing the skin from drumsticks (I couldn’t find skinless, and, if you roll up your sleeves, it’s not a difficult task to accomplish — plus, they cost less that way!). Not-so-pro-tip: Have a paper towel on hand, helps to grab the skin and pull it off the chicken!





The only changes I made to Gina’s recipe were the number of drumsticks (my package just had six) and at the end, I placed the cooked drummies on a sheet pan and threw them under the broiler to get a quick char on them! Yes, I’m that person that loves the most charred hot dog on the grill….

Regardless, I think the quick char adds some really nice flavor!!

I think next time I might try with chicken thighs (even more economical!) and I’m sure this would taste great with chicken breasts as well.

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