Happy, happy birthday

Ahh, so last Sunday was my birthday (which I gloriously share with Miss Britney Spears and Mr. Howard Stern haha – among many others) – mid-twenties birthdays? …not as exciting as 16 or maybe 18 and definitely 21…but ya know…we still managed to have sooome fun (which involved a lot of food and adult beverages).

Friday night I went out with my brother and my mom to Toro in the South End. I’d heard amazing things (specifically about their corn!) so I was pumped to give it a go. They don’t take reservations, so we got there as quickly as we could…it was 6:30 and there was an hour and half wait. Kinda expected it. The bar was packed so we made our way over to Parish II for a couple of drinks to pass the time.

photo 1

Our mustachioed (adorable) bartenders were great, and the drinks were strong. Perfect way to welcome the weekend.

Once we finally made our way back to Toro, we set out to decide what we wanted from there menu of awesome looking tapas over a couple of spicy! cocktails. I love small plates; it gives you the opportunity to try new things, and try a lot of ‘em!

photo 2

We got the (last!) special which involved mussels, clams and red sauce – which was divine, smoked duck legs, sweetbreads (don’t cringe. yes! I tried sweetbreads and they were awesome), the corn (obviously), tuna tartare aaaand a half paella. Yeah, sooo… we were hungry. Ohh, the paella was so good. Scrape the bottom of the pan good.

photo 1

Saturday night I celebrated with friends over pho. Pho Pasteur in China Town is so, so good. Comfort food to the max.


Sunday, I woke up to a decorated apartment, and gifts to open. Not too shabby.


My friends get me.

photo 1

photo 3


Sunday night, my dad, his wife, my brother and I hit up L’Andana in Burlington, MA. It was fantastic, our waiter was awesome – we never told him outright it was my birthday – and he still brought me this…and extra chocolate truffles, what??

photo 5

Oh, and that’s cranberry vanilla bread pudding. Boom.

Not a bad way to celebrate.

Now…I think I should go find some vegetables…

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