Weekend wellness & holiday craziness

Hello, loves. Well, this weekend flew by – can’t believe it’s Monday already. This weekend I got to hang out with the lovely Becki at Fighting for Wellness – the perks of living in a blogger-filled city! Becki hosted an Arbonne wellness workshop – her friend Margaret is a consultant for the company, which makes everything from anti-aging facial products to protein powder. I had a great time, and learned a lot about their company and the products they sell.


Just a heads up – I am in not associated with Arbonne, I am not endorsing it, have not been provided any products to review (though I did get some free samples which you normally get at the workshop – blogger or not), and have most-certainly not been compensated for it. Check out their stuff if you’re intrigued. I walked away with a small purchase of some vanilla protein powder packets – just to try, I’m not big into that stuff, but it was yummy – and some samples of their RE9 anti-aging skin care line, which I ripped into (literally) this morning. We also tried their scrub – which smelled really good, fit chews, their chocolate protein power, energy fizz sticks and their antioxidant immunity booster. It was great to see Becki again – we originally met through the Healthy Living Boston Bloggers group and a bunch of us met up at Zuzu in the Cambridge in October – to sit around with some ladies (and Joe!) and discuss everything from wellness to wine…oh and homemade peanut butter bars. Yum! Anyone else out there tried Arbonne products? Thoughts? Aside from that, I got a lot of my holiday shopping donnnne ! photo 2 Woo. Saturday my roommate and I sprinted through the Natick mall to try and knock out as much shopping as possible. …this is probably the first time in a while that I’m not scrambling last minute to grab gifts – even if I’ve known what I’m getting people all season long. The mall was packed, and the parking garages were anxiety-inducing buuut it was worth it. I walked away with some good deals, a smaller bank account and a Crumbs cupcake… yum. We’ll just pretend it had no calories. Hah …and we then spent Sunday trekking around the city (hopefully burning off said cupcake!), finishing up some shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather. photo 1 I love the holidays in the city, the trees in both the Common and Faneuil were lit up – and Boston peeps, has there always been the giant menorah in Copley?? I don’t remember it, but I love it. Now, if we could just get rid of this rain. Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!

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