Okay, I’m addicted.

Like, seriously.

I mean – I know, I hop…skip…jump…full-force into most new things…and then maaaybe some of them fizzle, but after my experience at the Wellness by the Water retreat, I knew  this was the real deal.

I can say, I love yoga.


via @celesteplattkankel
Me, Jen and Janine via @celesteplattkankel

Yes, I know that my first real class was only like…a couple of weeks ago.

I didn’t say I was a prodigy …

…or overly flexible (my hamstrings are probably the world’s tightest…oy…).

Via @thepurplegiraffej9
Via @thepurplegiraffej9

I fall out of poses over…and over.

Scan the room to see what other people are doing when I have no clue…

Go back into child’s pose.

Shake like a leaf at times.

But I love it.

I’ve started going to the classes offered at my gym, and leave each looking forward to the next.

Yoga is something I’ve tried on and off…by myself  in my living room… for years now. It took an awesome class (thanks, Kendall!) to get me hooked – what’s your latest obsession?

2 thoughts on “Addicted

  1. Oh girl, I hear you. I’m alll about yoga — hot yoga, in particular. I can’t get enough. Its kind of hard to describe (said the lazy wordsmith in me). I went religiously for about three weeks (because of an awesome deal I had), and have actually visibly noticed my arms becoming more tone. I’m thinking about springing for a month pass sometime in February. At least it’s a healthy addiction, no?


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