Go {Cocoa} nuts!

One of my big “resolutions” for this year is to put myself out there more – meet new people, and blogging has been such an amazing way to do that.

I went to the Healthy Living Summit this summer, met Erin, Erin started the Healthy Living Boston Blogger group – which I then joined, the group introduced me to some great people and events like Wellness by the Water –where I met Jen and found out about her Blog and Tweet Boston group.

Is your head spinning yet? haha

You know, the post-college realization of “Oh my God, I’m in the real world and I’m a peon in a ‘big’ city and my friends are all over the place…and busy… and not necessarily next door…or even in the same state..” can be daunting. Meeting new people is hard. Fact. Being a part of these groups have given me some great opportunities to try new things and meet people…who love food [and like to take pictures of it], love health/wellness [and like to talk about it], love writing, and are introducing me to new things.

Last night, I had the opportunity through Jen’s Blog and Tweet Boston group to attend a private tasting event for bloggers at Cocoanuts Boston. CocoaNuts is a cute, boutique-style chocolate and confection shop nestled in Boston’s North End.


It was great to see Jen – whom I’d met at Wellness by the Water – and Erin was there as well. Tara and ( a different) Jen, who own Cocoanuts, hosted us and were so kind. They poured us champagne, and it was great to hear their story (they’re besties!) and how the shop came to be.


Erin and I tasted our way through the shop. I tried some sea salt caramel (multiple times) by Suss. I’m obsessed with salted caramel and this didn’t disappoint. So good! We were also able to try some of the creative shortbreads from Lark. I loved their rosemary sea salt shortbread.


We had a great time chatting with Rebecca Novak from Yes Chocolates. She makes her chocolates out of her own kitchen – and they’re incredible. They were stunning and delicious. She sampled her chocolate covered brownies, and chocolates: Sticky Bun – cinnamon ganache, caramel & candied pecans…yummm, The Perfect Pour – Guinness stout ganache in dark chocolate, Cloud Nine – marshmallow and dark chocolate, and Berry Smoothie – strawberry puree and raspberry liquor. I tried…everything…duh. No shame.





Heather and Melissa Forrester, owners, sisters-in-law, and candy makers of Little Bits Toffee, were there as well – and just the sweetest things. I have a huge weakness for toffee – I’ve eaten a lot of it! – and theirs is fantastic. I tried a sample of their new coffee flavor and I *had* to try their coconut. Two of my favorite things, and it was amazing. Also, I just discovered that they have a cookies & cream toffee on their site….need.now!



On top of some great chocolate – I met and was able to chat with some fantastic ladies. I met Becky from Pop & Circumstance. My first reaction was “LOVE your blog name!” I’ve always had a not-so-secret love for interior design (I was that girl who moved her bedroom around in the middle of the night as a child… what no one else did that??…okay, I *still* do this) so it’s no surprise that her blog is already lined up in my reader.

I also met Sara, who knew Erin from some other events, and we got chatting about (my newest obsession) yoga, and the great teachers and classes in the city.

So I walked out of there toasty from a little bit of bubbly, with some new acquaintances, and on a sugar high (and I also bought some candy for some lucky people this Valentine’s Day!…it’s only a couple of weeks away, people!).


Not too shabby for a drizzly Tuesday, eh?

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