Boston, you’re my home…

You know, I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since tragedy struck my little slice of the world. I wasn’t there – though I know family and friends who were, including my brother who was too close to it for comfort, to be honest. While, I may not have experienced it first-hand…it impacted me. Intensely.

However, more than the horrific stuff…which has been chronicled over and over and…over…again…it’s the little things that have left a lasting impression. The national anthem (sung without the “r’s” if you listen closely enough haha) at the Bruin’s game, the fundraisers, the runs, and the hugs that have stuck with me.

I’ve always been a sucker for a good hug.

I am more in love with this city and the scrappy, loud, passionate, kind and generous people that I can call my friends and neighbors than I ever have been before. In Boston, you’ll probably get called a “moron” by a random guy at least once…but that same stranger (and all of his buddies) will stand up for you and make sure you’re okay when some jerk hits you with his car…on purpose… when you’re walking across the crosswalk with a group of people (yes… that happened to me this weekend).


This is the place where I found myself, a place where I’ve laughed and cried, loved and lost, a place where I’ve been chased down the street at 8 a.m. in the rain just to be asked if I was European [it was urgent apparently], a place where Singing Spare Change Guy [not to be confused with our other famous Spare Change Guy] sings about my toenail polish, hair and jewelry regularly, a place where the watch guy at Saks insists he’s got to introduce me to Tom and Gisele…cuz you know, we were totes neighbors, and a place where I got coffee “with” Doc Rivers on a fairly regular basis. Some moments more poignant than others…but that’s life, right?

Slowly but surely, things are rebuilding, repairing and healing.



A little slice of that normalcy? I had the chance to attend the first annual Taste of the Columbus Hospitality Group. CHG and its restaurants have been a Boston staple for me. Teatro was a part of my finals study routine in college (stay at the library til 8pm…go get a cocktail and some calamari by 8:30pm). We’ve celebrated birthdays and bridal showers at L’Andana and Mooo… Plus, Mooo…’s bread definitely helped me overcome a killer Cinco de Mayo hangover one year. I’ll be forever grateful. So when I had the opportunity to attend this event, which was held at Mistral in the South End…I jumped at it. Not only did I get to eat and drink some fabulous stuff – I got to see Jen from Boston Bachelorette and my friend Delia, as well. Plus, I got to meet some great people, like Isara from Alone with a Cupcake!


Teatro’s Executive Chef, Jeff Howe, offered up their amazing Fig & Prosciutto Sausage with Shishito Pepper, Cipollini, Spicy Tomato Brodo. So delicious – and spicy…and you know what, I have a soft spot for spicy food.


Mooo.. served up  their Sirloin Sliders with Caramelized Onions. One of my favorites!


L’Andana grilled up some swordfish skewers which I inhaled long before I actually got a photo. Whoops.

Mistral had an absolutely amazing tuna tartare. IMG_7293

Sorellina had their Chilled Pea Soup with chive blossoms.


The sweet ending? Mistral’s sorbet and ice cream. Housemade. Ahhhmazing. I had more than one. No shame.


One of my favorite things? No surprise…a cocktail. After walking in the door, I was greeted by a tray of drinks…and the Spring Thyme just called my name. Rhubarb & lime simple syrup…thyme…vodka. Yes please.

it’sa me!


Hungry yet? Well, if you’re in the Boston area – you should stop by any of the Columbus Hospitality Group’s five restaurants on May 1. They’re donating a portion of all sales to The One Fund Boston. Eat, drink…and help others. Win, win.

Thanks again to Mistral, Teatro, L’Andana, Sorellina, Inn @ St. Botolph, & XV Beacon for a fabulous night. Can’t wait to do it again next year. 🙂

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