Bar 10 Brunching

I’ll admit…a few…actually 4+ (yikes!)…years ago when I first started writing this blog the idea of actually *meeting* other bloggers scared the crap out of me. What if they didn’t like me? What if I was totally different than they thought I’d be? Taller? Weirder? Quieter?Louder? (I’m all of those things…haha)

What if they weren’t who I thought they were?

I mean honestly, I don’t know why…these are people who share their whole lives on the internet…I probably know more about their lives than I do about my own brother’s. Who would really “pretend” to be some girl eating overnight oats every morning? It would take a lot of effort.

But hey, weirder stuff has happened…and as a chick who probably STILL would not do online dating (I meet enough questionable people in “real life”)…the idea of meeting people from the internet is still a little…strange and I guess I’m a skeptic at heart.

“Oh look! Here’s comes my date. Met him on the internet. He’s a French model.”

I digress.

However, things have definitely changed, and now one of my favorite things about blogging in this city is the awesome people I’ve met and opportunities it’s given me. This blog is no longer chronically everything I put in my mouth, it’s about experiences – most of them out of my kitchen — though probably 80% of the photos on my phone are of food… (Hi, my name is Jil, and I take too many pictures of what I eat…)

I had the change to get together with some other bloggers and the Westin Copley’s Marketing Manager, Anna, for Derby Day brunch at Bar 10 in the Westin Copley in Back Bay. I’ve walked through the Westin a million times…my company had our National Sales Meeting there this year, the Starbucks there is always a go-to when Boylston and Newbury are jam-packed with tourists and it’s a nice *air-conditioned* cut through to the Mall at Copley Place. But…I’d never been to Bar 10. It’s tucked away beyond the main reception area, and is a lovely open space with a big bar and cozy booths.

Tracy, Jodi, Kerrie, Amy, Stellina, Stacey, Jane, Jen, Semirah and I got the chance to try some awesome eats. We got to pick our meals (crab eggs benny? yes.) and they let us try other items on the menu, like their burger, steak & eggs, hashbrowns, and they even brought Jane out little something sweet for her birthday! It was all delicious…and while definitely not discount dining…you get huge portions.


What else?




It was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new local bloggers, writers and food lovers.

Jen, me, Stacey

 Bar 10, it get s a thumbs up  – I devoured everything put in front of me. Self-control? Out the window. And it was a pretty stellar start to the Derby Day/Cinco de Mayo weekend. Thanks to Jen and Kerrie for organizing and Anna for having us – it was a great experience!!

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