Ultimate Bootcamp kicked my…

So – I’ve come a long way.

I have never been a runner. Correction. I had never been a runner. Ask 7th grade me how much I loved Cross Country and you would have heard crickets. I think a part of this might have been due to comparing myself to people who had been running for ages…on top of being too hard on myself…and well, in 7th grade…but still. I’ve had breathing issues since birth…legit… and my knees have just always sucked. Regardless. Here I am…now, a runner. Not a great runner. But a runner nonetheless. 7th grade me would’ve laughed at the fact that I’m currently signed up for two 10ks. Woops. Haha

However, I took part in a bootcamp a couple of weekends ago that reminded me…that while I’ve come a long way…I’ve go a long way to go. And that’s not a bad thing.

I had the opportunity to take part in an hour-long bootcamp-style workout on the Boston Common with a bunch of other bloggers through Ultimate Bootcamp. Let me put this out there in advance…I knew it would kick my ass going in.

We met with Kim – our trainer – in the Common, and she immediately got us moving. Running. Check. I can do this. Doing a couple of laps around the Common – weaving our way around tourists – I felt good. Then…somewhere between the sprinting, jumping jacks and the squats…yeah. My body revolted.


Let me say this. I kept going. I did the sprints, the jumping jacks, the squats, the squat jumps, the curls, the presses, the mountain climbers…..just slower…and sometimes not as many, and when I couldn’t do things…I walked, jogged, paced…whatever you want to call it.

Maybe it was the heat. Maybe I hadn’t eaten enough. Maybe I hadn’t had enough water beforehand. Maybe I was just that out of shape. Plain and simple, my body wasn’t quite ready for it all…or at least for all of it at once. I struggled. A lot.

But Kim was awesome. She kept me moving, but didn’t push. There was no – I don’t care if you throw up, just keep going.  She got it.

While I wasn’t a freaking rockstar, I really enjoyed my experience…it showed me how far I’ve still got to go…and the competitor in me wants to be better.  And it was fun…despite my own issues…I still had a smile on my face.

Group photo
PROOF. SMILE. (I’m far right…bright orange)

So just like how I was never a runner…I was never a bootcamper…but who’s to say that I won’t be?

Did Ultimate Bootcamp kick my ass? Yes. Handily.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

Check out more on Ultimate Bootcamp on their site – if you’re in Massachusetts/Greater Boston area…chances are there’s one near you! You can try one workout for free, too. Seriously…do it …challenge yourself!

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Have you ever taken part of a bootcamp workout? What was your experience like?

Photos courtesy of Ultimate Bootcamp.

One thought on “Ultimate Bootcamp kicked my…

  1. Great to hear you went outside of your comfort zone and did the bootcamp. Sounded like it was an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with everything 🙂


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