ham & cheese pinwheels

I don’t know about you, but I always have at least a couple of tubes of crescent roll dough kicking around in my fridge (a habit I picked up from my mum — but this would probably be great with puff pastry, too!), and these pinwheels from Delish came through in a pinch when I needed to bring a dish to a friend’s holiday party.

Dubbed  “Best Ham & Cheese Pinwheels” , they’re covered in an irresistible of combo garlic-butter before they go into the oven. Mhmmm, can’t argue with that.

When you read the original recipe, you’ll see a lot of suggestions for making them larger portions and spacing them out so that they’re able to crisp. I can get behind that and would probably try that out next time around.

However, I pretty much just made this recipe as is (with a couple of ingredient subs) and baked for *a lot* longer. Probably closer to 35-40 minutes — they just won’t be done in the 12-15 mentioned in the original. They’re worth the extra time though.

My other changes were purely superficial — I swapped out Swiss for thin slices of Havarti and left off the poppy seeds.. mostly so that people weren’t picking them out of their teeth all night long.

That being said, when they were done — they were such a hit. I made a double batch, and they were still the first thing to go.

ham & cheese pinwheels

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