chocolate icebox cake

Who says that Valentine’s Day needs to be stressful? This no-bake cake is a classic — all you need is slightly sweetened whipped cream, a couple of sleeves of Nabisco’s Famous Chocolate Wafers, oh….and time.

For this version, I whipped three cups of chilled heavy cream, along with three tablespoons of raw sugar and about a tablespoon of vanilla extract to a soft peak and then started assembling!

This version used approximately two sleeves of wafers, and I arranged them in alternating circles, a la Magnolia Bakery’s famous round version. I then wrapped it carefully in some plastic wrap, and stored in the fridge overnight.

The result? A cake that isn’t too sweet, but also is basically the best Oreo you’ve ever put in your mouth.


A chocolate icebox cake on a cake stand, made of alternating layers of whipped cream and chocolate wafers


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