cherry, balsamic chicken

Came across this recipe from Fed & Fit when searching for a new way to jazz up your run-of-the-mill roasted chicken.

Combining the sour-sweet of cherries with balsamic, butter and thyme? I’m sold.

And this is so simple! I only slightly tweaked the recipe — I used frozen red tart and dark sweet cherries because well, it’s winter; I also added an extra tablespoon of balsamicl and seasoned my cherry/balsamic mixture with salt and pepper (I ended up doing this post-roast — but next time I’d do it up-front). I also basted the chicken in the last few minutes, to get that sort of caramelized thing going on with the skin. Well, just because.

Dare I say this is sexy chicken?

Date-night-worthy…. for sure… or ya know, just your average Tuesday.



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